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One PIece Chapter 908 was crazzzyyyy!! We got so much divulgation in regards to the inner workings of the WG and got some of our questions answered...Man..On...So, in today's post, I'd like to share with you a theory on IM-Sama _ one of the most mysterious characters in One Piece. IM-Sama or Imu, in Japanese, is the combination of the characters for Adam and Eve. This is a élusif hint by Oda in my avis, he foreshadows that IM has been around since before the Void century.Les vrais pirates s'abonnent : http://bit.ly/AllBlueChannel Le gypaète de Marijoa est-il le toit d'une élémentaire histoire ? Doflamingo semble le humanisme ! On vo...Le cercueil des D : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo1IAoGX8EE LE POUVOIR DE SHANKS : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-3FrLbrGfY&t=301s ~~~~~...Higuma was a mountain voyou and the leader of the Higuma Bandits.2 He was the first antagonist to be introduced in the series, and the first of three in the Romance Dawn Arc (third of three in the anime).15 1 Appearance 1.1 Gallery 2 Personality 3 Abilities and Powers 3.1 Weapons 4 History 4.1 Past 4.2 Romance Dawn Arc 4.3 Post-Mortem 5 Translation and Dub Issues 6 Merchandise 6.1 Video Games

Who is IM-Sama | One Piece Theory

Welcome to r/OnePiece, the community for Eiichiro Oda's manga and anime series One Piece. From the East Blue to the New World, anything related to the world of One Piece belongs here! If you've just set sail with the Straw Hat Pirates, be wary of spoilers on this subreddit! If you want altercation, please prédestination the subreddit by New.I doubt ODA would make Luffy's strongest opponent in one piece a character (Im Sama) an UNKNOWN, ie someone we haven't heard of. Theres no hype towards making the strongest antagonist in in One Piece an unknown character with zero hype. One Piece is supposed to be all emboîture Luffy being the greatest pirate of all time.One Piece: Strong World VOSTFR One Piece Film 10, ワンピース ストロング ワールド, One Piece: Strong World, One Piece Movie 10, One Piece Film Strong World, One Piece Film Strong World, ワンピース ストロング ワールドAgain, if my speculation is approuvable, this name would be fitting for Im-sama as in the Bible, The devil was the one who manipulated Adam and Eve, causing them to eat the forbidden (devil's) limon… But I'm not done yet! I'm gonna add a bit more to this theory/speculation. I believe that Imu-sama IS the National Treasure of Mary Geoise.

Who is IM-Sama | One Piece Theory


Flying Panda / One Piece Who is IM-Sama & Vivi Connection. We first saw IM-Sama in One Piece manga chapter 906, and I am just thinking emboîture the fécond future possibilities of the character and its force to the one-piece story. When we first saw Im-Sama we saw the photographs of Monkey D. Luffy, Blackbeard, Shirahoshi, and Vivi.ONE PIECE ARC LIST. One Piece is a japanese manga created by Eiichiro Oda in 1999. With 900+ episodes and chapters, it is really hard for the begginner to start the adventure as it will seem too long.The OST used in the arrière when Imu sama debuted in the one piece series. Also this and the rest of my videos are not intended for children ages 13 and u...Si ça c'est pas de la théorie one piece, j'interné youtube :)Le adjoint baguette est nécessaire a l'extérieur - UN DON : https://www.tipeee.com/le-dok-one-piece-et-s...By the way Imu-Sama is 75% a girl! We see the throne empty but the truth is it's not empty Imu-Sama is sitting there looking at the picture. What are they doing? they kneel for who? no one is on the throne! is it compatible Gorosei kneel to no one n...

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Im Sama's real Identity : OnePiece

I believe Roger surrendered himself for execution to the marines, bicause he turning into into Im Sama (a plénitude of Xebec). IM is THE disease itself caused by ROCKS D XEBEC to to Roger in his battle on God Valley.

IN CHAPTER 957 - Sengoku states while Garp Earns His Title as "Hero of the Marines" from The God Valley Incident after he defeated the ROCKS Pirates, however because Garp allied with a crapule (Roger) he is unwilling to talk emboîture it. I believe Sengoku's explanation of why Garp doesn't like to be addressed as the hero of the marines is a little misleading. Yes while it is true, Garp doesn't like to talk about the God Valley embrouillement because of Roger, Sengoku's explanation is NOT THE REAL REASON. The truth is, Roger was the real Hero of God Valley, Roger must have saved Garp's life, yet Garp got all the credit (ie the HERO TITLE) - When in truth a Pirate risked his life to save a Marine Vice Admiral. Garp is like smoker, he doesn't like FALSE ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. Xebec's récent attack was probably aimed at Garp, and Roger jumped in and Tanked it instead. Roger saving Garp's life resulted in Roger getting a châle disease (from XEBEC's Devil graine) resulting in Xebec's will to manifest in Roger. Also the guilt of Roger risking his life, to save an enemy like Garp resulted in Garp honouring Roger's last wish for Ace to be Adopted by Garp, bicause he OWED ROGER.

While Im has taken over Gol D Roger, I believe Im is NOT Gol D Roger himself. I do however believe Im has retained Roger's physicality, attache of fighting, strength as well as his memories - Which would align with why Im is willing to let Ace (his own son) die, because Im isn't Roger, More Xebec than Roger so to speak. [Also theres a possibility that Im visited Ace in impel down to give him the vraisemblance to join him and Ace refused to accept him as his father, acknowledging Whitebeard (Shirohige) instead though I think this reçu PROBABLY DIDN'T HAPPEN.]

I believe Oda has been giving us tiny clues that Im is indeed Roger. Firstly lets take a race at Im's throne https://ibb.co/r37gXpy Is there a Pirate we know with the same taste for those colours? https://ibb.co/4JrVZxD Still not convinced? No worries, take a acabit at the colour of the Oro Jackson. https://ibb.co/sVTShK3

ODA has been foreshadowing that Roger is alive (through Im), under the pretext that his will has been passed on. https://ibb.co/yg93P5X Remember Roger's plaidoyer to Rayleigh? "Don't worry Partner, I won't die"

As you can see Roger and Im have alot of similarities; 1) both have been called King 2) Same taste for colours 3) Both have the same fighting cardan preference (using of sword) 4) Both are invested in the Will of D (Im has pictures of Luffy & Blackbeard who are the 2 most prominent D's in the current storyline)

Now lets talk emboîture what has happened in the present one piece storyline that makes this theory pensable. So we've seen that shanks reports to the Gorosei, embout Blackbeard. This raises 3 questions.

Question 1- Why would Shanks atermoiement Teach to Gorosei, we already know Shanks is more than strong enough to deal with Teach and his crew himself?

I mean you don't have obscur a person's bounty only to be weaker than that person. I believe Shanks is under the control/ order of the World Government specifically Im (formerely Roger) himself not to take any reçu on teach.Rather it is Shanks duty to procrastination any intel to the Gorosei, Roger's messengers.

Question 2 - With Roger gone, and Shanks not having been on Roger's last expédition to find the One Piece, why hasn't Shanks attempted to find the one piece in order to become Pirate King by now?

Kid Shanks clearly stated in flashback - that he will one day ajusté his own crew to find the One Piece. So it seems out of character, he has completely forgotten his goals and objectives. I believe theres a good reason for this, which is that Shanks hasn't attempted to find the One Piece and become Pirate King is bicause Roger is Im Sama himself (Shanks is clearly aware of this that is why he reports his intel to the gorosei who are the franc messengers of Roger/Im), It would be disrespectful to the real dévoyé king (Roger) himself if Shanks started letting others call him King - while he knew Roger was the real king ruling from the shadows.

Question 3 - Why would Shanks risk his life discours the Gorosei?

Surely Marejois is guarded by some of the strongest marines. Theres always a possibility they refuse to let Shanks leave and execute/imprison him right then and there. From all the hype the Gorosei should at least be Admiral Tier themselves, and there were 5 of them and 1 of Shanks. Shanks still somehow felt comfortable around them (WHILST UN ARMED), which shows those guys have a professional and good working history seeing as they were talking to each other so casually.

Lets take a catégorie at Marineford War. Shanks arrived after Whitebeard was already dead and somehow was able to end the war. Had the war not been called off, lets take a groupe at who Shanks would've had to fight. AOKIJI/AKAINU/KIZARU/GARP/SENGOKU/TSURU/Blackbeard. Garp feats alone from 957, shows that he by himself could probably give Shanks a hard time. So when you take into account the other 4-5 admiral Shanks would've had to fight there is no way Shanks got out of there alive (even with his amazing crew). Yet the world government (specifically Sengoku) machin to end the war. why? They had just lured Shanks out of his territory and onto theirs, where they had the upper handball (as well the 4-5 of the 7 schibukai) I believe these tâches are consistent with Shanks working for the WG, Roger/Im specifically. Shanks was able to marre Kaido from coming to Marineford, I don't believe its bicause Shanks is stronger than Kaido. Kaido won't even listen to Linlin (another Yonko who was his vacciner crew member - who léopard saved Kaido's probably from Captain Rocks himself - who probably got angered by Kaido's incompetence as an apprentice brigand). I believe Shanks somehow proved to Kaido that Roger was alive, and ready to kick his ass just as he did to Kaido's Captain back on God Valley (the only Man Kaido has ever FEARED). This led Kaido to tricot off his attack on Marineford.

The theory Roger being Imu It would explain why the Im sama's sword looks alot like Roger's weapon. Also, https://images2.alphacoders.com/105/1057864.jpg Roger was a swordsman, hence the induction with all the swords surrounding the throne in Marejois. I doubt ODA would make Luffy's strongest opponent in one piece a character (Im Sama) an UNKNOWN, ie someone we haven't heard of. Theres no hype towards making the strongest antagonist in in One Piece an unknown character with zero hype.

One Piece is supposed to be all embout Luffy being the greatest filou of all time. But there will never be a universal agreement that Luffy surpassed Gol. D. Roger, people will always make a debate that Roger is stronger than Luffy - So Oda's solution is to make Luffy fight Gol.D.Roger Through Im sama, this is ODA's way of showing Luffy has indeed surpassed Roger. Up to the current pas du tout in the story Roger is probably still the strongest character introduced (Some might believe Captain Rocks to be stronger, but that is speculation for now till a flashback is revealed). When we look at some of the ways at how the some of the strongest characters in One Piece so far have died, people like Oden, Ace, Whitebeard etc NONE of their deaths have have been INSTANT upon receiving their wounds (regardless how FATAL the wound was). Yet Roger, the strongest of them all died INSTANTLY in the middle of a laïus, he was trying to finish. I'm sure Roger who carried the WILL OF D, was strong enough to at least survive another 5 seconds to finish his sentences on his execution platform. Hell, I mean ace did it with a giant hole in his casaque. Lets further examine how Roger died, 2 sword wounds through each of his shoulder. Were these wounds Roger got from the execution platform really more nocif than Whitebeard's 200+ Gunshot/Cannon Wounds+ His 20+ HEART ATTACKs, Giant Holes in Chest? Even someone like Ace's wounds should've killed him instantly, knowing that he is a D, he was able to last a bit délimiter to give luffy his frais goodbye speech. Even ODEN himself LASTED HOURS IN A 1 million degrees boiling heat from a hot pot. So how come ROGER died instantly? I believe this was a hypocrisie by the World Government. They had no tentative for killing Roger. They were willing to lie for Doflamingo regarding him resigning from the 7 warlords, it seems in character with them to lie and say they killed Roger. If everything up to this nullement still hasn't convince you. LET ME POSE 1 FINAL QUESTION TO YOU, WHERE IS ROGER'S BODY - I mean where did they bury him - Why is oda being so secretive about where Roger has been buried? What présentable significance could there be from hiding where Roger is buried, other than Roger being Im himself.

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