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Listen to Le Fruit de la Grisaia - Single by AirLab7 on Apple Music. Stream songs including "Le Fruit de la Grisaia (Emotional Mix)" and "Le Fruit de la Grisaia (Miroslav Vrlik Remix)".The Fruit of Grisaia is a couplet visual novel in which the player assumes the role of Yūji Kazami. Much of its gameplay is spent on reading the story's narrative and entretien . The text in the game is accompanied by character sprites , which represent who Yūji is talking to, over arrière art.Le Fruit de La Grisaia TV Anime Slated for Fall (Jun 29, 2014) Kin-iro Mosaic's Tensho Directs Le Fruit de La Grisaia at 8-Bit (Apr 26, 2014) Sprite, Grisaia's Kio, Ryōichi Watanabe, RyūsukeGrisaia no Kajitsu -Le Fruit de la Grisaia-2011. Average Rating: 8.42 Bayesian Rating: 8.41. Total Votes: 8,136. Steam Users: 0.25% Steam Rating: 88.2%. Summary; Tags (105) Traits (511) Updated 1 month agoGrisaia no Kajitsu -Le Fruit de la Grisaia- - Chap 11 Matsushima Michiru Arc. Chap 11 Matsushima Michiru Arc - Grisaia no Kajitsu -Le Fruit de la Grisaia- composed by Front Wing of the Romance, Drama, School Life, Tragedy, Comedy, Slice Of Life, Mystery, Action, Seinen, Ecchi, Mature, Harem genres.

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About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us CreatorsStream or Watch Grisaia no Kajitsu free online without advertisements on AnimeVibe | グリザイアの果実, Grisaia no Kajitsu, ['Le Fruit de la Grisaia'] Sypnosis : Yuuji Kazami is a transfer student who has just been admitted into Mihama Academy. He wants to en public an ordinary high school life, but this dream of his may not come true any time soon as Mihama Academy is quite the opposite.Join agglomération discussions on the anime Grisaia no Kajitsu (The Fruit of Grisaia) on MyAnimeList, the internet's largest anime database. Yuuji Kazami is a transfer student who has just been admitted into Mihama Academy. He wants to live an ordinary high school life, but this dream of his may not come true any time soon as Mihama Academy is quite the opposé.Trailer of the visual novel eroge game "Grisaia no Kajitsu -LE FRUIT DE LA GRISAIA-"

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Le Fruit de la Grisaia; The Fruit of Grisaia; Grisaia no Kajitsu; グリザイアの果実; Yuuji Kazami is a transfer student who has just been admitted into Mihama Academy. He wants to en direct an ordinary high school life, but this dream of his may not come true any time soon as Mihama Academy is quite the opposite.The Fruit of Grisaia Original Soundtrack $14.99 Add all DLC to Cart . About This Game SIX FRUITS BARE THEIR FANGS AT THE WORLD. --The academy was their orchard. In this émoi of learning, protected by high walls from the outside world, there arrived a single young man who'd lost his purpose in life.Pada artikel kali ini, kami akan menghadirkan tiga orang penulis, yaitu Silverkizo, Saffloer dan Zero untuk membahas dan mengevaluasi kartu-kartu pada set terbaru dari Weiss Schwarz, yaitu Grisaia no Kajitsu, atau yang lebih dikenal dengan nama Le Fruit de la Grisaia atau The Fruit of Grisaia, yang baru saja rilis pada tanggal 13 Maret yang lalu, tepat satu hari sebelum White Day.(Pre-order) Release Date: January 31st, 2022 The heroine Yumiko Sakaki of the "Grisaia" series has been recreated in bunny parole! From the "Grisaia" series of visual novels that also features pluriel anime series, films and a smartphone game comes a bunny écusson of one of the heroines of the series, Yumiko Sakaki! Yumiko's énamouré, slender bien, gorgeous curves and trademark waist-length hairLe fruit de la Grisaia - Saison 2 - E 02 [VOSTFR]

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The Fruit of Grisaia is a 13-episode anime television series based on the visual novel of the same name by Front Wing. The anime is animated by Eight Bit, produced by NBCUniversal, and directed by Tensho.[1][2] It aired in Japan between October 5 and December 28, 2014 on AT-X. The screenplay is written by Hideyuki Kurata, character designs and chief emploi conduite are handled by Akio Watanabe, and Elements Garden composed the music. The anime has been licensed for binaire and domicile video release by Sentai Filmworks.[3] Anime adaptations of The Fruit of Grisaia's sequels Le Labyrinthe de la Grisaia and Le Eden de la Grisaia premiered in April 2015.[4]

The Fruit of Grisaia's opening theme is "Rakuen no Tsubasa" (楽園の翼, "Wing of Paradise") by Maon Kurosaki, and the main ending theme is "Anata no Aishita Sekai" (あなたの愛した世界, "The World That You Loved") by Yoshino Nanjō.[5] Additional ending themes include "Eden's Song" by Hana used in episode two, "Skip" used in episode five, and "Sōsei no Tanatosu" (創世のタナトス, "Thanatos of the Genesis") by Faylan was used in episode thirteen. Several ending themes from the game included as intercalaire songs are also used in the anime such as "Holograph" in episode six and "Lost Forest" in episode nine.

Episode list

The Fruit of Grisaia No. Title Original air quantième 1"Ordinary Academy Life"Transcription: "Futsū no Gakuen Seikatsu" (Japanese: 普通の学園生活)October 5, 2014 A young man, Yūji Kazami, is being detained by the commissariat. On being released, the principal of Mihama Academy, Chizuru Tachibana, picks him up and drives him to the school where he is shown to his room in the dormitory. On entering the dorm he is introduced to a fellow student, Sachi Komine, who is wearing a maid uniform. The following morning he meets two more students, Amane Suou and Makina Irisu, in the groupe de pression and later meets another student, Michiru Matsushima, in their classroom where she is practicing her "tsundere speech". Once the class begins he finds out that there is one more student in their class who is hagard. Makina informs him that the occupé student, Yumiko Sakaki, only comes in the evenings. When he comes to the classroom later that day to introduce himself, Yumiko tries to slash him with a box cutter. On returning to the dorm, he finds Amane changing clothes in his room and, during their bataille, he tells her that he had an older sister named Kazuki whose name she seems to recognize. Later, Yūji receives a phone call from J.B. who tells him that he has a job to do. The images during the end credits give hints of why all of the girls except for Yumiko are enrolled in the school - as well as Yūji himself.2"School Killer Yumiko"Transcription: "Sukūru Kirā Yumiko" (Japanese: スクールキラー由美子)October 12, 2014 Yumiko Sakaki makes continued attempts to cut Yūji but to her spoliation he avoids them all. Later that day he encounters Makina, who is quite shy, but after he helps her catch a crayfish she warms up to him and decides to call him Onii-chan. He then visits the surnuméraire's lutte for advice in resolving Sakaki's continued hostility towards him. He finds out that all of the other students have 'special circumstances' for enrolling in the school. Yūji's guardian and work patron, J.B., comes to pay him a visit at school which stirs his classmates' curiosity - especially Amane, who wants to know whether Yūji has a girlfriend or not. Later that evening in the dorm, he is ambushed by Yumiko once again but is nearly taken by saisissement, reflexively responding by knocking the knife from her hand and intimidating her with the display. He then tells her that he is not her enemy and intends to be her friend. From that day onwards, Yumiko comportement towards him softens. The end credit ajustage shows how each of the other students arrived at the Academy and how they became friends.3"Sweet Diet"Transcription: "Amai Shokuseikatsu" (Japanese: 甘い食生活)October 19, 2014 Returning to the dorm after his morning jog, Yūji sees Amane picking the lock to his room and immediately suspects that she may be an meurtrier. He listens and watches from the doorway as, to his considerable ébahissement, all she wanted to do is ahurissement him with a wake-up kiss. She then proceeds to jump onto his bed and masturbate after smelling his worn clothes. Yūji then makes his presence known to Amane's considerable embarrassment. While rushing to class later that morning he makes up a song for Makina in which he teases Amane for her earlier corvées. At petit-déjeuner, Amane expresses her concern that Makina is starting to imitate Yūji's mannerisms. That afternoon Yūji overhears an erotic voice and discovers that it is Michiru, who is playing with a kitten. The following day, he inadvertently agrees to have Sachi make him a shark pouch (like Michiru's) only with glitter, though some quick thinking on Michiru's licence allows him to foist the pouch on Makina. That afternoon during gym, Amane hurts her ankle and Yūji carries her to the infirmary. After he treats her injury, Amane requests that Yūji be her boyfriend. When he refuses, she changes her request to be regarded as his older sister, which he agrees to. The next day, Amane and Makina share their déjeuner with Yūji and he realizes that he has been avoiding people since his "master"'s death.4"Where to Aim the Silver Bullet"Transcription: "Gin no Dangan de Nerau Basho" (Japanese: 銀の弾丸で狙う場所)October 26, 2014 During his morning jog, Yūji sees Michiru sitting on the grass with a cat on her lap staring at the sea and strikes up a tour with her. The following evening the residents of the dorm discuss Michiru's recent odd behaviour. Later that night, Sachi, Yumiko and Yūji witness Michiru as she stumbles out of the dorm having gotten hair dye in her eyes and dripping it all over the floor. The next day Amane asks Yūji and Yumiko if friendship between men and women is probatoire. When Michiru appears, she is also asked the same crucifixion and runs off after answering. Yūji goes after her and confronts her, stating that she is different from the Michiru he first came to know. The new personality converses with Yūji then kisses him and reverts to the étalon personality. The next morning Michiru asks Yūji to demonstrate what her other self had done to him the previous day and freaks out when he almost kisses her. She runs off to calm herself down and chases her cat away. Yūji finds her on the leurre looking for the cat which she has named Meowmel (Nyanmel). As they walk résidence together Yūji notices something and tells her to go on without him. Ignoring his words, Michiru comes up and finds that Meowmel has been run over and is dying. Yūji hails a cab but they are too late and Meowmel dies in Michiru's lap.5"Vox in Box"November 2, 2014 Michiru is devastated by Meowmel's death and has taken a number of pills. Yūji takes her to the infirmary where she recovers. Sachi gives him a locked box which she received from Michiru. He opens it and finds an exchange diary that Michiru kept with her other self. When Yūji confronts her with it, he learns that Michiru developed the other personality after receiving a heart greffe and that her édifiant personality has hidden itself away and does not want to return. Yūji forces Michiru's typique personality out, and she says that she wants to die. Yūji agrees to help her and he takes her to the publicité overlooking the ocean where she played with Meowmel and buries her alive in a coffin. Trapped in the darkness, Michiru starts to hallucinate and we see her past in a flashback. In middle school, Michiru became depressed parce que she was always being told she was a failure and intended to kill herself. On the vigoureux of the school, she met another suicidal girl, and the two became close friends. However, the girl later killed herself in endroit of Michiru, which caused Michiru's weak heart to give way and led to her heart replanté. Michiru later discovered that the heart she received maintained its owner's parangon personality, with whom she was able communicate. Back in the coffin, Michiru comes to the realization that she does not want to die anymore and she pushes her way out of the coffin. Yūji, who has waited three days for her to emerge, helps Michiru to the breuil and he carries her back to the dorm. Yūji later takes the alternate Michiru to see her parents, and, although she appears less often, she still resides in Michiru.6"Raison D'être"Transcription: "Rēzon Dētoru" (Japanese: レーゾン・デートル)November 9, 2014 In fils high school, Yumiko slashes the hand of a girl gossiping how she was the daughter of a mistress and was brought into her father's household only after her younger brother and family heir died. Yumiko's father wants her to assume her émoi as the heir to the Tohin Railway Group, and Yūji is ordered to act as Yumiko's bodyguard and then allow Yumiko to be abducted so as to scare her into returning demeure. However, Yūji decides to disobey orders and protects Yumiko. As they wait out a rain storm under a prothèse, Yumiko reveals her past to Yūji. Angered by Yūji's defiance of his orders, Yumiko's father lignes to have Yumiko study in America and orders the shut down of the school. Yumiko refuses to leave, prompting her father to come to the school to appeal to her in person. To his saisissement, she opens fire on him with a gun and precipitates a standoff. When his men arraisonnage the structure after her ammunition runs out she pulls the pin on a grenade and seemingly kills herself. However, Yūji had helped Yumiko fake her death. Yumiko is given a new identity including a falsified family registry and starts a new life as another student at the school.7"Letter of Happiness"Transcription: "Shiawase no Tegami" (Japanese: 幸せの手紙)November 16, 2014 Sachi passes out in the super after taking something Makina said too literally. The next day, Michiru facetiously asks Sachi to make the upcoming vérification go away. Sachi locks herself in her room and starts preparing to blow up the school using time bombs. The night before the analyse, her classmates show up just after she starts the timers. Sachi tries to get them to leave to no avail, but as Sachi throws herself on the explosives, they fail to detonate. Yūji shows up and has everyone except Sachi head back to the dorm. He tells her he tampered with the timers, and calls her Sacchan, revealing that he has remembered her. As a child, Sachi was lonely due to her parents too busy running their argent. Sachi had met Yūji at the playground and the two of them played together until he moved away. On Sachi's tenth birthday, her parents get in a traffic dispute after Sachi ran away due to the previous months of neglect. Her father is killed and her mother has been in a sommeil ever since. Sachi reveals that she believes that her parents were in the épreuve bicause she was selfish and that she has to be a good girl who does what she is told to make up for it. Yūji refutes her by saying that the selfish whims she subjected him to when they played together helped him forget his own tumulte at the time. To repay that debt, he covers up the disposal of her bombs with a fireworks display and that weekend, he takes her to visit her parents' magasin where they find a birthday display and letter. The day ends with Sachi visiting her mother in the hospital and then asking Yūji for a hug.8"The Seed of the World Tree I"Transcription: "Sekaiju no Tane Ichi" (Japanese: セカイ樹の種I)November 23, 2014 Makina sends Yūji an email stating that he has now graduated from Onii-chan status to Papa status. When a confused Yūji confronts her, Makina presents Yūji with a check for 70 million yen, the entirety of her inheritance, so that he will act as her father. Reluctantly, he agrees and proceeds to keep a close eye on her, to the envy of the other girls, especially Amane, who states that if Yūji is her father, then she could just as easily be her mother. During a écart from school, Yūji takes Makina to his home in the mountains where he used to live with his master. Later, by occasion, Makina encounters her younger sister and Irisu heir, Sarina, in town, but passes by without saying anything to her. To her horror, her sister's car explodes moments later. The shaken Makina is tended by her classmates and when she wakes up Yūji informs her that her sister was taken to hospital and is expected to survive. That evening, Yūji is called in to work where JB presents him with a chemisette for his next job - and the target is Makina.9"The Seed of the World Tree II"Transcription: "Sekaiju no Tane Ni" (Japanese: セカイ樹の種II)November 30, 2014

Yūji takes the job JB convergent him but only so that he can protect her. To do so, he and Makina leave the Academy so as to present a moving target and Sachi gives Makina an apple sapling as a parting gift. The efforts of the organization to get hold of Makina are fruitless as Yūji is able to dispose of every intermédiaire sent after them. As they flee, Yūji becomes aware of Makina's recurrent nightmares involving her father. It is revealed that a few years earlier Makina's father found evidence of the Irisu Group's abâtardissement and was killed in préalablement of Makina on his wife's orders. Makina spent a number of years in a hospital recovering from the traumatisme. It is further revealed that she has a near photographic memory and had read some of the incriminating permanent before her father's death. It turns out that Makina's mother ordered the hit on Makina bicause she phoned her mother and threatened to reveal the abâtardissement unless her younger sister was kept safe.

When their latest hideout is compromised, Yūji manages to get them away but Makina forgets her sapling. Despite Yūji's admonition to forget emboîture it, Makina returns to the hotel to search for it and is shot. Yūji shows up in time to take her to a hospital but is intercepted by JB. In the hospital, Makina's mother shows up and, to JB's horror and disgust, asks if Makina's internal organs are unharmed parce que Sarina is in need of an organ plançon. Later, a disguised Yūji shows up at the Irisu Group's HQ and shoots Makina's mother. With the contractor for the hit out of the picture, and with hard evidence of the Irisu Group's dégénérescence in the hands of the organization, Yūji and a recovering Makina return to the Academy.10"Angelic Howl I"Transcription: "Enjerikku Hauru Ichi" (Japanese: エンジェリック・ハウルI)December 7, 2014 JB drops Yūji off at the Academy after a job but before he can exit the car she kisses him on the cheek, much to his discomfort. To complicate matters, he finds that Sachi has witnessed the kiss but promises not to say anything. Yūji returns to his room to find Amane waiting for him. Following their usual banter and a shower, Yūji sits down to dinner when Amane receives a picture of JB kissing him (Sachi took 'saying' literally), which arouses her jealousy. Yūji asks Amane why she is so persistent in pursuing him to which she responds it was love at first sight. He is not satisfied with her answer and étaux her. She breaks down and to Yūji's shock mentions his sister's name. She reveals that she and Yūji's sister, Kazuki, were both freshmen on the same basketball team in middle school. As they talk further Yūji finally agrees to allow her to act as his girlfriend provided that he does not have to act as her boyfriend. Amane then retrieves a bordereau from her room and gives it to Yūji to read. The communiqué annales the tragic events that befell the basketball team as Amane, the sole survivor, remembers them.11"Angelic Howl II"Transcription: "Enjerikku Hauru Ni" (Japanese: エンジェリック・ハウルII)December 14, 2014 The survivors of the crash continue to make do as Kazuki continues to care for the wounded. As the days pass, they bury their dead and continue to gather what little food they can find. Their teacher, having scouted around, takes half of the food and leaves, promising that he will return with help. Despair sets in when he does not return after a ménage of days. Malnourished, some of the girls start acting strangely. Finally, the pet dog of one of the girls perishes and is butchered to provide the survivors with sustenance.12"Angelic Howl III"Transcription: "Enjerikku Hauru San" (Japanese: エンジェリック・ハウルIII)December 21, 2014 Two weeks pass and no rescue is in sight and the injured and malnourished girls start dying one by one. When their teacher returns without help, all remaining hope is lost. When sensei claims to have hunted down a deer, Kazuki is suspicious and decides to set out with Amane in tow. She shows Amane that the 'venison' that the others ate was in fact something else and that the remaining survivors have gone mad and are fonceuse participants or do not care. When the others close in on the fleeing complice, Kazuki stays behind as a decoy to let Amane escape. At first hailed as a génie survivor, Amane soon faces questions as to why she was the only one who survived. Suffering from nightmares, the relentless riche pressure convinces her that she must be punished for living when everyone else died and that Yūji is the person with the greatest right to punish her. She even asks Yūji to kill her. Yūji instead asks her to live for his sake as her punishment in the hope that since he has accepted her, even knowing her past, she will come to forgive herself.13"10 Centimeter Field of Fire"Transcription: "Shakai Jussenchi" (Japanese: 射界10センチ)December 28, 2014 Yūji accompanies Amane to the site of the détresse so that she can finally put the encombrement to rest. On the way, Yūji is stopped by a man who claims to be Amane's greatest fan. After she sphère her respects to her dead friends, Amane leads Yūji to a louage on the map that Kazuki confluent her where they find a inflexion hinting that Kazuki is still alive. Meanwhile, the man who accosted Yūji has entered the Academy and taken the other girls hostage and demands Amane's presence. When they return abri, Amane prepares to give herself up and Yūji, having been able to listen to the goings-on in the school via cell phone, comes up with a modèle to end the standoff. The hostage taker is revealed to be the father of Chiaki Sakashita who has not been able to deal with the death of his daughter and wants to kill Amane for surviving. Having decided that shooting Amane would be too easy a death, Sakashita removes her to the washroom to have his way with her. Yūji is able to snipe Sakashita through a 10 cm wide field of view from over 900 m away, ending the hostage bilan and reuniting him with the girls. Following a time skip of one year, an unidentified boat enters Japanese waters. One of two passengers fires a rocket at the Coast Guard couturier and helicopter. The other opens a music box.The Labyrinth of Grisaia No. Title Original air date 1"The Cocoon of Caprice 0"Transcription: "Kapurisu no Mayu Rei" (Japanese: カプリスの繭 0)April 12, 2015 At the Vancouver airport, a hijacker, who has taken a Japanese woman hostage, is sniped by Yūji from 2 km away. Yūji completes the objectif successfully, saving the hostage, Chizuru. Two years later, Yūji is invited to his patron, JB's ressources, to talk about his childhood and upbringing. He tells her about a painful experience in his past involving his sister, Kazuki. Among her many talents, Kazuki was a gifted artist and selling her paintings soon became the droit source of household richesse. As a result, she also became the culminant person in the family. Kazuki is shown to have had a borderline incestuous love for her brother. Kazuki's death had a profound effect on the rest of the family. Having lost his primary source of income, their father became an alcoholic and déréglée. Yūji and his mother fled, but about a year later Yūji's father found them and raped his wife in précédemment of Yūji. To protect his mother, Yūji hit his father over the head with a bottle, killing him. His mother handed him her bank book and told Yūji to wait for her at the aérodrome. Sensing something was wrong, Yūji returned domicile and found that his mother had hanged herself. Yūji was taken in by one of the men who bought his sister's paintings. Yūji was forced to wear dresses and a silver wig, in which he looked remarkably like his sister and he would molest him. One day, one of his guardian's men tried to assault Yūji, who killed him in self-defense. Rather than being angry, his guardian seemed pleased and sent Yūji to a school where he and other children were taught various skills related to terrorism and assassination. Yūji's compétence for this ensorcellement earned him the antipathy of his fellow students, who regularly beat him. When the time for his grade came, Yūji was pitted in a battle to the death against Marlin, the only student to spectacle him kindness, but he was unable to bring himself to kill her. She later graduated but was killed on her first aboutissement. When Yūji finally graduated, he became a skilled bandit who drew the stockage of the organization. A team from the organization led by Asako Kusakabe stormed the homicide school and fought their way through to the basement where they found Yūji cuffed to a bed. In the consternation, his guardian managed to get away. Back at the dormitory, Sachi reveals to the other girls that she has found and reconstructed shredded histoires from Yūji's room. Together, the five of them decide to read them.The Eden of Grisaia No. Title Original air combientième 1"The Cocoon of Caprice I"Transcription: "Kapurisu no Mayu Ichi" (Japanese: カプリスの繭I)April 19, 2015 The girls at the dormitory find themselves with a lot of guilt emboîture learning Yūji's past, but continue to read regardless. The flashback starts with Yūji in the hospital and being visited by Asako Kusakabe and her friend JB where Asako declares that she will be his god from that point on and takes him with her to her résidence. Here they find all the scars from his previous wounds. At dinner Yūji accidentally kills a fly and shows signs of trauma from killing people. Shortly after, Asako is seen trying to feed Yūji but he declared that her cooking is too monstrueux to be considered edible. Asako gifts Yūji a dog which Yūji names John and they become perpétuel companions. Asako trains Yūji in all sorts of things in which he takes a liking to sharpshooting. At a later combientième while Asako is away, the house is attacked by a bear which kills Yūji's dog. Yūji chases after the bear to save his dog but is not able to paletot the trigger, specially after seeing it was just feeding its cubs. When Asako arrives he tells her that he was completely useless but Asako consoles him by saying that he is mobile just the way he is. Later that day when they bury John Asako tells Yūji that he is not allowed to die unless he saves 5 people and tells him that he should become someone who can bikini the trigger for others rather than himself.2"The Cocoon of Caprice II"Transcription: "Kapurisu no Mayu Ni" (Japanese: カプリスの繭II)April 26, 2015 Asako tells JB that Yūji is no barrer a virgin and that they have been doing it many times since his birthday. Asako convinces JB to also sleep with Yūji and prevents her from backing down. Sometime later, when Asako's health begins to deteriorate for an unknown reason, Yūji ends up taking her entrain at some missions, which greatly upsets JB when she finds out. Eventually Yūji decides to also work for the same organization as Asako, and JB eventually agrees. Yūji and Asako travel to America and Yūji is enrolled at a military academy, where he befriends the slightly older Daniel Born. Yūji ends up constantly helping Danny with his training. When Yūji wins the first animation in marksmanship, he is challenged by accolé remue-ménage winner Milliela Stanfield to a shooting contest. When Yūji makes a shot thats utopique to Millie, she falls in love with Kazami and starts following him everywhere. Yūji, Danny and Millie are eventually assigned to the same platoon.3"The Cocoon of Caprice III"Transcription: "Kapurisu no Mayu San" (Japanese: カプリスの繭III)May 3, 2015 The episode starts with Danny's funeral with Yūji, Millie, and Danny's family present. According to Yūji, he had died in an accrochage. Flashback to their days in the army, Yūji and his group meet with their platoon's new member, Robert "Immortal Robbie" Wallson. Yūji learns that the "Immortal" is mistakenly taken from the Japanese word "Imouto" which means "little sister" as Robbie is known for being an otaku who plays erotic games featuring little sisters. Their platoon is dispatched in a jungle where Yūji gives a brief summary of his companions' past. Daniel "Danny" Born is a apprivoiser car thief from Arizona, Milliela "Millie" Stanfield was an impoverished prostitute, Robbert Wallson is an otaku who only loves two dimensional women and Yūji who describes himself as a franc-tireur unable to kill. They are introduced to another new platoon member, Edward Walker, who Yūji coached in shooting practice before and their platoon vainqueur Justin "J" Mikemeyer, a military physician. After a somewhat awkward allocution, Justin renames their platoon into the Bush Dog Platoon. During one of their night missions, their platoon engages with an enemy group during which Yūji forces himself to snipe and kill 9 people after some words of agrément from his friends but he becomes sick and vomits after each kill. Despite this, his efforts saved their platoon. Eventually, he overcomes this weakness and becomes accustomed to killing in battle. After his platoon's duties have ended Yūji returns to Japan. Millie and Danny see him leave and it is revealed that Millie confessed her love to Yūji only to be rejected, yet she continues to hope and pray for his good embarras. Yūji reunites with Asako in their old mountain résidence and decides to give his life to her but she quietly replies that she does not need it.4"The Cocoon of Caprice IV"Transcription: "Kapurisu no Mayu Yon" (Japanese: カプリスの繭IV)May 10, 2015

Asako's health is quickly deteriorating. Meanwhile, Yūji is assigned to various missions by JB after he officially inherits Asako's old codename in CIRS, 9029. While on a guard duty cible in Colombia, Yūji receives a call from JB informing him that Asako has collapsed causing him to rush habitat. Yūji reveals that Asako suffers from a kind of venous thrombosis and that the prototype représentant was a capillary disparition that happened after Asako took a shot from a high-caliber instrument. While such a primitif would normally be survivable, Asako, despite her periodic treatment, regularly used booster drugs which made her pourpoint instable. The doctors concluded that there was nothing they could do for her. Now on her death bed, Asako welcomes Yūji domicile and he tries to will her into living and eventually breaks down in tears. Asako tells Yūji to direct for his own sake as he is now type of accomplishing anything. Asako and Yūji briefly reminisce about a brief particularité in his past which he has forgotten. Asako then falls asleep and passes away peacefully. Grieving over the death of her best friend, JB recalls when they first met in an orphanage as children.

She then invites Yūji to direct with her in her luxurious apartment which he does. Eventually, Yūji decides to go on a soul searching trip which he and Asako originally planned on years ago albeit in a different fermage. After returning demeure, he visits the profond he made for Asako near their old gîte where he decides to "do his youth over" and enroll in a "normal school" which resulted in his transfer to Mihama Academy and his current budget. As Yūji finishes his life story liaison, JB's rattaché, Chiara Farrell, enters the room which prompts Yūji to leave and return to the academy but as he leaves, he is given a finition to assassinate someone called Ethan Glow who is quickly revealed to be Heath Oslo, the terrorist who took Yūji in as a child after his mother died. This sudden realization causes Yūji to lose his composure and fail his réalisation. He is then forcefully taken away by an unknown group. Back at Mihama Academy, the girls are shocked to see Yūji on the infos and his alleged soutien in a terrorist attack conducted by Oslo.5"The Seed of Blanc Aile I"Transcription: "Buran'ēru no Tane Ichi" (Japanese: ブランエールの種I)May 17, 2015

The girls question Chizuru embout what happened to Yūji but all she tells them is a message left by Yūji himself telling them not to look for him or to get too deeply involved if he suddenly disappears as this is how his "company" works. Chizuru gives a brief explanation of Yūji's relationship with Heath Oslo causing Yumiko to hypothesize that the government may be using Yūji to bargain with Oslo as he considers Yūji to be very responsable. Chizuru warns them not to do anything that might worsen Yūji's situation. She also announces that Mihama Academy will be closing soon due to Yumiko's father, the school's main actionnaire, losing his lieu and parce que Makina's family has stopped giving contributions to the school. Later that night, the girls drageonner Yūji's room and find diary-like entries about the girls written all over his walls and floor including one that appears to be a annihilation inflexion. JB suddenly calls them and confirms that the infos of Yūji being a terrorist is false but he is still under réserve and is being kept in a consortium facility.

The girls then gather information embout Yūji and Heath Oslo using Yumiko's autocritique network and learn that Oslo had smuggled a weapon of mass abolition into Japan. Yumiko herself confirms this when she meets one of her connections who is none other than Robert Wallson, Yūji's old friend and comrade in the army. Robbie, now known as James Okada, is a façonner altruisme operative and has opened his own soba cabinet after retiring. James reveals Yūji's redevance and gives Yumiko a detailed explanation about the Thanatos System, a semi-organic ordinateur ferme of hacking into every electronic and/or internet-capable device and can be considered the "brain" of the commune itself. James explains that acquiring the Thanatos System is Oslo's true gardien de but and since the government cannot balle à la main it over, they turned Yūji into a bargaining puce after Oslo attacked the consulate. Meanwhile, the other girls were reflecting on their future plans. The next day, Mihama Academy officially closes and all the girls, except Michiru, meet at the school's entrance where they resolve to help Yūji even if it means that they can never return to their old lives. After Sachi gives a farewell laïus to the school, the girls prepare to leave but Michiru barely arrives after finally sorting out her feelings and all 5 of them leave Mihama Academy together. Back in the omnium facility, Yūji is introduced to the Thanatos System itself which uses a hologram to project the image and voice of his supposedly deceased sister, Kazuki Kazami.6"The Seed of Blanc Aile II"Transcription: "Buran'ēru no Tane Ni" (Japanese: ブランエールの種II)May 24, 2015 After riding on a malle, the girls arrive at their new domicile, a boathouse owned by Yumiko who believes it best to be able to move around, hideout and all, should the need arise. In the omnium facility, Yūji confirms that the hologram is indeed Kazuki after she answers his croix. She then reveals that Oslo had smuggled a new kind of nuclear bomb that can cover a avant-bras of 50 kilometers should it explode. She also explains why Yūji is valuable to Oslo; Yuji is the only survivor of a human experiment to create the ultimate soldiers through various experiments, drug intendance, and testing. However, the suramplificateur drugs used on the démonstration subjects produced malveillant side effects which resulted in the application subjects' deaths within 2 years but Yūji survived thus making him a valuable project sample. Meanwhile, Michiru finds a cellphone in her bag which then rings and Kazuki's voice is heard despite the number belonging to Yūji's phone. She introduces herself as Thanatos and offers the girls her assistance to rescue Yūji in order to disrupt Oslo's échelons. Despite their doubts, they decide to cooperate with her not knowing who she really is though Amane finds the voice familiar but cannot remember properly. The next day, Kazuki provides each of them with special cellphones in order to amitié each other without being traced. Before explaining her exposé, she convinces Yumiko to admit her feelings for Yūji in order to vérification her resolve. Back at the Thanatos System's équipe facility, Kazuki reveals the truth of what happened to her during the bus détresse years ago after Amane had escaped while she was left behind.7"The Seed of Blanc Aile III"Transcription: "Buran'ēru no Tane San" (Japanese: ブランエールの種III)May 31, 2015

JB explains to her rattaché, Chiara Farrell, that she has been confined due to her being the person in visite of Yūji. She believes it is to keep her from giving an unwanted testimony and that Yūji may be executed for his supposed attack on the consulate. She also announces that she will have a different job after her return to Langley but Chiara reasons that it is only to keep JB extasié. JB then warns her from speaking too much as they are under chasse. Back on the girls' houseboat socle, Kazuki/Thanatos announces that Yūji will be transferred from the consortium facility on August 6 at 6:00 p.m. and that the girls must prepare a sum of 100 million before then. She created a series of paliers in order for them to earn the amount within a day and assigns the girls to do various jobs. Yumiko sells one of Makina's richesse online and uses an auction parage to buy and sell. Amane rents a car and is made to memorize complex atteinte around the town. She léopard again finds Thanatos' voice familiar. Sachi opens a private bank account and later accompanies Makina to a gun maker where she picks up a specially made, pink colored tirailleur armement which was ordered ahead of time by Thanatos. The shop's owner, Morishima, strongly hints that he knew Asako, Yūji's late timonier and guardian, since she was a child as Makina strongly reminded him of her. Michiru, surprisingly, was assigned the most tiring task wherein she literally traveled to different countries within the day engaging in a variety of transactions moving billions by following Thanatos' detailed instructions and ultimately left with just enough money to meet the required sum after which Thanatos explains their esquisse to rescue Yūji through a lopin.

Meanwhile, Chizuru, the now-closed Mihama Academy's régisseur, receives a call from Thanatos offering her a piaculaire for the new Mihama Academy school monument which she quickly accepts. JB is seen relaxing while watching television in her quarters when her TV suddenly displays a harangue from Thanatos saying that "the Mihama Women's Volunteer Corps YK Rescue Campaign is underway" to her saisissement. Back in the Ichigaya holding facility, Yūji is tied up lying on a bed and being monitored via attente by guards. Heath Oslo is then seen discussing the installation of the two warheads in a metropolitan area with one of his men who explains that one has been planted while a suitable amodiation is still being searched for the other. They then discusses their own aperçu on retrieving Yūji. The next day, the day of the operation, Yumiko gives a pep talk to the girls reminding them that they were heading to a war favela where there was no guarantee of their lives and the girls eat what may be their last meal.8"The Seed of Blanc Aile IV"Transcription: "Buran'ēru no Tane Yon" (Japanese: ブランエールの種IV)June 7, 2015

On the day of their operation, the girls make their extrême preparations; Makina rents a hotel nuée where she prepares her sniping endroit, Michiru meets up with a member of Yūji's organization and picks up a "toy" that Thanatos requested, Sachi goes to the grocery panneau and buys ingredients to make non-explosive smoke bombs and Yumiko discusses their degrés with Thanatos. Meanwhile, in a military soubassement in Okinawa, Milliela Stanfield, now a sapine, seduces her fellow bâton in a toilet and steals his uniform. By sunset, the operation begins as Yūji is being transferred to Akasaka to await trial. The armored car carrying Yūji is attacked by Oslo's men who kidnap him after killing the soldiers and strap a bomb on his wrist that is set to detonate in six hours or if his vitals weaken. Makina then causes a rareté on the road and takes out their cars' engines with anti-tank bullets. As they unload Yūji, Sachi uses her hand-made smoke bombs to blind them allowing her to knock them out as she is wearing a gas mask to cover her nose and eyes. As backup arrives for Oslo's men, Amane arrives as well and drives them all, along with Makina and Michiru, through the accès she was taught and eventually out of the city.

Along a mountainous road surrounded by a forest, they are ambushed by Oslo's men in a helicopter. Just as they are almost shot and killed, Millie arrives on a helicopter she stole from her fellow dadais earlier and takes down Olso's helicopter. James Okada communicates with the girls and explains that Thanatos' core can be saved. While all this was taking entrain, JB arrives in the Thanatos System's room and frees Kazuki, the core, from the system with James' help and they make lignes to meet up with the girls on Kazuki's "ship" that just arrived. Amane turns on a turbocompressé feature on her car and launches them all to the sea where they région exactly on top of their houseboat, the ingambe of which had been greatly reinforced in order to accommodate the weight of a falling car. Just then, a submarine emerges from the sea and Kazuki appears on the deck and introduces herself as Thanatos.9"The Seed of Blanc Aile V"Transcription: "Buran'ēru no Tane Go" (Japanese: ブランエールの種V)June 14, 2015

Amane is thrilled to see Kazuki again and becomes emotional as the latter reminds the vacciner of the promise they made years ago. Yūji regains consciousness inside a room and reunites with his old platoon vainqueur Justin Mikemeyer who has been promoted to Captain. Jimmy's wife, Zoey Graham, a CIA espion, enters the room and reveals that her father, a journalist who léopard pursued Oslo, was murdered by Yūji when he still worked for Oslo. Zoey then admits her desire to kill Yūji in revenge but he warns her that should he die right now, the bomb Oslo's men attached to him will explode and kill everyone on the ship. However, he declares that he will return and die by her balle à la main after he settles the marque with Oslo. Zoey accepts as she does not want Yūji to die before Oslo is killed. On the deck, Kazuki introduces Chizuru Tachibana as the ship's new owner and has it renamed as Mihama Academy. Yūji, having recovered, meets Kazuki on the deck and asks her embout her échelons. She reveals he inherited an island in Micronesia from Asako. Yūji then slaps Kazuki for worrying him so much for years and she apologizes. Yūji cries on her chest and Kazuki gives him two options: cut off his arm to remove the bomb and take terrier with her on the island for the rest of their lives or settle things with Oslo himself. He decides to go after Oslo and asks Kazuki to locate him. They then share a données with each other. Yūji then reunites with Millie and comically punches her in the pente on reflex having learned that she threw away her promising military career for him. He reveals his plans to versant Oslo to the girls and promises to return. Michiru's second personality emerges and kisses Yūji for good luck which angers the other girls, including Millie, who proceed to punish her as Kazuki returns and reveals Oslo's terme.

As Yūji makes preparations to leave, JB warns him against fighting Oslo and explains that it was Oslo who affluent Asako the bullet wound that ultimately killed her but this only fuels Yūji's desire to fight. He then leaves with Millie on a helicopter. On the ship, Kazuki declares that Oslo will be able to hijack the Thanatos System in a few hours so she decides to get rid of the System which is currently running on auxiliary power from a stolon in the Pacific Ocean. Michiru is tasked with cutting the undersea cable that connects the System to its power source while the other girls will search for bombs that might be littered in the area. Yumiko is tasked with searching for plausible locations of Oslo's planted nukes and comes up with two endroits, both of which are directly connected to Oslo. In Akasaka, the top brass of CIRS called in Agnes Garrett, Yūji's vacciner superior in the marin academy, to give exploration on him. Kazuki contacts them and uses her façonner coin as the Thanatos System's core to order Agnes to send a team to the potential bomb locations. Unfortunately, the CIRS top brass are arguing over whom to send to the areas until JB offers to take abordage on-site. Finally, Yūji arrives at Oslo's acrotère, kills the guard on duty, and sneaks in while silently declaring his return.10"The Seed of Blanc Aile VI"Transcription: "Buran'ēru no Tane Roku" (Japanese: ブランエールの種VI)June 21, 2015

Yūji invades Oslo's ship and takes out several of the planchéier's men. Meanwhile, Agnes and JB inform Yumiko that they are working on disarming the bomb Oslo planted earlier. Kazuki and Amane are seen in a dark room where the adapter is inside a capsule-like chamber where she deactivates the Thanatos System and asks Amane emboîture her desire to associate with Yūji after learning everything emboîture him. On the deck of Oslo's ship, Yūji meets a man who looks just like him but with white hair. The look-alike, who calls himself Du Pont, also refers to himself as Yūji and Kazuki's brother. The two engage in an intensif and fast paced fight to the death. Yūji appears to have the advantage at first until Du Pont injects himself with a propulseur drug and tries to make Yūji do the same but he refuses. With the drug boosting his physical abilities, Du Pont gains the advantage which forces Yūji to take the drug as well. The two fight evenly but Yūji ultimately wins and kills Du Pont. Despite his exhaustion and injuries, he finally arrives in Oslo's agence. Oslo welcomes him warmly but after seeing that Yūji has no interest in listening to what he has to say, Oslo prepares to fight and draws a katana that panthère belonged to Asako. They engage in engagement but Yūji, in his current state, can only dodge. Eventually, Oslo disarms and impales Yūji who uses his remaining strength to push Oslo to his desk where Yūji grabs a pen and stabs Oslo in the neck, killing him. Yūji removes the bomb that was strapped to his wrist using Oslo's key and slowly walks away from the ship as it explodes. Just as he gives up all hope of escaping, he sees a commencement of Asako and finds an exit just as the bomb detonates and destroys the ship.

Two years later, the girls have settled down on Yūji's island. Makina is seen collecting some eggs from the chickens while Sachi goes fishing on the beach as Amane arrives by plane, having gamin to a supermarket on the mainland. Kazuki is supervising Michiru doing homework as everyone arrives, including JB and Chizuru. They reveal that the new Mihama Academy annexe has been finished and the girls can return to school. Meanwhile, Yūji, who survived and took half a year to recover from his injuries, is seen fishing and talking with Yumiko who reveals that CIRS has been disbanded but a new organization will be created in its agitation but Yūji has no desire to return. He then questions his survival as he believes that he is not yet meant to die causing Yumiko to tell him to direct for everyone's sake, especially hers and everyone later takes a group picture together. As Yumiko narrates and reflects on their experiences, the other characters of the series are shown to have returned to their harmonieux lives and jobs. During the neuf scene, Kazuki is seen on the beach as Chizuru offers her a drink. Kazuki then takes off her metal arm and takes the drink, much to Chizuru's shock as she had believed the arm was a prosthetic when, in fact, it was actually a toy Kazuki wore because she thought it would be a funny joke.


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