uw-communityHere’s an overview of the supported agencies that we are looking to support with the current fundraising campaign. These agencies serve about 1 in 3 residents in Dickinson County, Kansas. If you’re ready to donate, click on the DONATE NOW link from the Home Page. If you have any questions, please call us at 785-200-6260.

Abilene Public Library: The library will be using the funds for the Summer Reading Program. This helps provide incentives for children who successfully meet their reading goals.

Abilene General Public Transportation: Provides transportation for the community, and for some people this is the only means of transportation to work, doctor’s appointments, grocery store trips, and other things that basic services.

Active Healthy Self Camp: This is a camp that encourages and teaches children how to be active,promotes limiting screen time, eating healthy, and teaches various games and activities that can be played with a varying number of people and limited resources.

CASA (8 th Judicial District): Court Appointed Special Advocates is an organization that places adult volunteers to work through the court and legal system with children who are in the system. The advocates build a relationship with the children, go to court with them, follow the case and become an advocate for the child, making recommendations to the courts for the best interest of the child.

Cedar House: Cedar House is a rehabilitation program in Dk County. With the success of the program, the needs have grown and they are expanding. The funds we are giving would go to the next step in the program, which is the Women that have successfully completed the program, have remained, and have subsequently gone through and passed training through the state of Ks will mentor others in the program and also become part of an outreach center, helping find and direct others to resources that can help with sobriety.

Family Resource Exchange: In Herington, and for residents within 15 miles of there. Helps with funds for things like electric bills, prescriptions drug costs, rides to doctor appointments, etc. They verify the need and income, and the board makes a determination on the ability to help each person or family.

Girl Scouts of the Heartland: Girl Scouts are a great outlet and resource for girls, teaching them how to be environmentally conscious, how to be confident, how to care for themselves and their community, etc. United Way funds are used for background check for volunteers and low income participant scholarships.

HOPE Center: The HOPE center is located in Abilene, operating a home for those who need a place to stay, rent assistance, etc…The goal of the HOPE center is to give a hand up and get people back on their feet, not to be using the resources over and over. They also provide financial responsibility training.

Kids In Crisis: KIC provide for the needs of children in low income families, such as providing the back to school supplies they need. They also have close relationships with the schools so that they can reach out for students in need, for things like musical instruments, etc. Any child in need can have their needs met through KIC and the organization prides themselves on caring for the children in our community that are in such dire need for help.

Meals on Wheels: M.O.W has been providing meals since 1973 and has NEVER missed a delivery, no matter the weather. The meals are delivered solely by volunteers. This gives people the opportunity to have a healthy meal when they are not able to cook for themselves.

Roadhouse Youth Center: Provides after school supervision, tutoring, etc. Roadhouse gives children a place to go and something to do, therefor staying out of idle trouble. They have a fun place to go, with sports, homework, social skills and a lot more at their fingertips.

Solomon After School: Provides after school supervision, tutoring, etc. The funds are used to give partial scholarships to low income families. Solomon has no other after school programs available and having it at the school makes it reliable and convenient for those families who need to work and have a safe place to place their children until they can make it home from work.

United Cerebral Palsy: United cerebral palsy offers a myriad of solutions to those it serves. These funds stay in Dk county and are used for things such as seating systems for wheelchairs, digital magnifiers for those whose sight is failing, and so much more.